This is Not an Official Department of Defense website

This website is not an official Department of Defense website. We are a non-government website that serves the needs of America’s Armed Force service member that are transitioning from the United States Armed Forces. The American veteran also benefits from our education tools, resources, and strategies. Our mission is to deliver accurate, product neutral and product conflict free financial information to help them transition from the military world to the civilian world. 
We served the United States Military service branches…Active Duty and Part-time duty. 


  • Air Force and Air Force Reserve

  • Air National Guard

  • Army and Army Reserve

  • Army National Guard

  • Coast Guard and Coast Guard Reserve

  • Marine Corps and Marine Corps Reserve

  • Navy and Navy Reserve

More information on what role each branch play in America's defense

Special Note: We do not show or promote the Defense Department logos. Here’s why:

  1. Department of Defense and Military Seals are protected by law from unauthorized use, and these seals may NOT be used for non-official purposes. 

  2. There is no substitute for the Department of Defense Seal, and there is no optional graphic that would represent the Department of Defense.

  3. Each Military Service has a Trademark Licensing Program Office that manages its many trademarks, both graphics, and word marks. These protected marks may not be used without prior written permission.

Source: Department of Defense Trademarks