Retirement Planning 

The Importance of Planning for Retirement Throughout the Life Stages tells us that life expectancy is set to rise in many industrialized countries over the coming years. A study by the by the Imperial College London and the World Health Organization has revealed that South Korean women are going to be the first to see their average life expectancy surpass 90, a milestone expert long considered impossible.


In the United States, we are experiencing life expectancy with men at 79,5 years and women set to live for an average of 83.3 years respectively. Statista .com states that the reasons Americans are falling behind include the lack of universal health insurance, a high rate of child mortality and soaring obesity levels. We will solve this ‘Political and Economic’ problem…we always do.

Servicemembers and veterans get some of the best healthcare in America. This is the good news. However, the not so good news is that many are poorly prepared financially for these longer lifetimes.

The goal of’s ‘Retirement Section’ is to help transitioning servicemembers and veterans manage and protect retirement assets. Our goal is to provide enabling strategies to help servicemembers and veterans maximize retirement income. Timely topics include:

  • Retirement Income Strategies and Solutions

  • Social Security Planning

  • IRA and 401(k) rollovers stratgies

  • Elderly or special needs planning

You have served us. Now let us serve you. We thank you for your years of service.

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