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BUDGET APPS and SPENDING PLAN APPS for your Phone-Tablet-PC Spending Apps empower the Military Servicemember, Spouse or Partner to manage their household budget on the go. No longer does it require hours at the kitchen table.

In fact, the Servicemember could be deployed and still have that financial conversation with the spouse anywhere in the world. Personal Finance Apps and Spending Plan Apps provide real-time tracking for how much money you have, watching where you spend it, and how well you stick to a budget. They connect directly and securely to your bank accounts, credit cards, and other online financial accounts to give you the big picture and fine details of your money all in one shot.

Most Apps have FREE and PREMIUM Version. So go to the “APP’ Store on your iPhone or Android and test drive them until you find one that works for you.

  • BankTree

  • BillGuard

  • Budget Boss

  • CoinKeeper

  • Digit

  • Dollarbird

  • Goodbudget

  • HomeBudget with Sync

  • iExpenseIt

  • LearnVest

  • Level Money

  • Mint

  • Monefy

  • Mvelopes

  • OnTrees (UK)

  • Personal Capital

  • PocketGuard

  • Prism Bills and Personal Finance

  • Qapital (for iPhone)

  • Quicken Premier Review

  • Spendbook

  • Spendee

  • YNAB – You Need a Budget

INVESTING APPSMany servicemembers may want to diversify and invest a bit outside the TSP account. Perhaps they want to earn more on their emergency fund or money they are saving to buy a car…or a new home. There are investment options that do not involve advisors or brokers. Take a look at Betterment, Wealthfront, Acorns and Stash. Each offer a unique spin on managing your investments, with their own strengths and weaknesses. So grab a cup of coffee or tea and go for a test drive.

SECURITY- SPENDING PLAN and BUDGET APPS One concern many people have about dealing with their finances online is security. Typically, personal finance websites and programs use 128-bit bank level, or 256-bit military-level encryption, and are verified by TRUSTe, VeriSign, and MacAfee. Smartphone, Smart Tablets and Computer Apps that pull detailed information from your accounts have read-only access, meaning they can see the information, but they can't change your financial information or move money around. Is there a risk to using an online personal financial service? Sure…so use common sense. Set a strong and unique password.

Note: Web URLS and Addresses do change. That is a fact of life. Go to the home page of the resource. Enter the title or keywords in their ‘Search’ box.

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