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'Your Financial Life After Military Service' by James Morris Robinson (Goodreads Author)

Finally, a financial guide for transitioning Servicemembers and Veterans that is plain English, up to date and relevant.

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Copies to the following winners on Wed, Nov 01, 2017. Their last names have been truncated for privacy reasons. I thank all 423 entrants and I appreciate your interest in my work. I also thank all of you for your service. I sincerely hope 'Your Financial Life After Military Service' add value to the Servicemembers who won.

  • Order Number: 111-2046031-7538668 | Victoria L.

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  • Order Number: 111-4173219-3149812 | Moony L.

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  • Order Number: 111-8965102-3113015 | Sarah F.

  • Order Number: 111-9425767-7609833 |Britney B.

  • Order Number: 111-9857666-0408249 | Alaina I M.

To the other entrants, 'Your Financial Life After Military Service' is value priced with great advice and information. A great time to purchase is now. Author: James Morris Robinson

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