Legal Resources 

Legal Resources for United States Armed Forces Servicemembers and Veterans

State Side Legal
Legal advice is best given by the professionals. It is a matter of finding a competent attorney to handle your legal issue or concern. We here at are not attorneys. As Financial Professionals who serve the military, we would recommend you contact State Side Legal  They provide legal help for military members, veterans and their families. They may refer you an attorney who is an expert in this area and he/she will accept your case for free.

ABA Military Pro Bono Project


The ABA Military Pro Bono Project is available for junior-enlisted, active-duty military personnel facing civil legal issues. Referrals are made only by military legal assistance (i.e., JAG) attorneys. If you need a referral from the Project, this referral must come from your Legal Assistance Office.


You cannot contact the Project directly for a referral. If you need legal help, contact your legal assistance attorney, and he or she will determine whether you should be referred to the Project.

Also, you must be financially eligible for a Project referral. The Project currently accepts servicemembers at a pay grade of E6 and below. Your JAG attorney may also consider other financial resources available to you when determining your financial eligibility.


If you are at a paygrade above E6, your legal assistance attorney may still refer you to the Project, but only in cases of extraordinary need. GET DETAILS Here

Veterans Consortium Pro Bono Program 
The Veterans Consortium Pro Bono Program provide assistance to unrepresented veterans or their family members who have filed appeals at the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims (Court). Each appellant who requests Pro Bono Program assistance receives a thorough review of his or her appeal. An appellant whose case is not accepted by the Program receives substantive legal advice about his or her case and an explanation as to why the Pro Bono Program cannot place the appeal with a volunteer attorney.  Veterans Consortium Pro Bono Program

Judge Advocate General's Corps

The Judge Advocate General's Corps is the branch or specialty of a military concerned with military justice and military law. Officers serving in a JAG Corps are typically called ‘Judge Advocate’ The Armed Forces Legal Assistance Legal Services Locator is an online tool for finding the nearest legal assistance office where you can consult with a legal assistance attorney. This is a joint effort of the legal assistance divisions of the Judge Advocate General’s Corps of the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard.

Get legal help from your JAG office:

Go to Military One Source and follow the 'Selections' pictured on the left. (If using Mobile...the pic may be above:

The 'Selections' are:

  1. I am looking for a: PROGRAM or SERVICE

  2. I am choosing from: Legal Services/JAG

  3. I’d like to like to filter by: Select Installation or Zip Code

Defense Service Office (DSO)
JAG attorneys do not handle divorces, criminal matters, including adverse administrative issues such as Articles 15 and discharge actions. If you are a service member, please visit your local Defense Service Office in these matters.


Special Note: Each of the service branches has a different name for the defense counsel offices:

  • Army - United States Army Trial Defense Service

  • Marine Corps and Navy - The Defense Service Office

  • Air Force - Area Defense Counsel

  • United States Coast Guard -  CG Defense Services

Find the contact information for your nearest defense counsel in your installation telephone directory. Your installation Trial Defense Service office, Defense Service Office or Area Defense Counsel office may have a local website with helpful information.


If You Are A Civilian
If you are now a civilian or in some cases…a family member, you will need to seek assistance from a private civilian attorney experienced in criminal law. Here’s a reputable source:  (This is not an endorsement of any kind)