Financial Readiness for the Civilian World

You're leaving military service and are faced with the daunting task of transitioning back to a world where you must compete and thrive. In the civilian world, this typically mean you would have experienced financial success as well. In the military, your financial success depended on how well you managed your base pay, allowances and subsidies and on occasion…bonuses.

‘Your Financial Life after Military Service’ guide hardens your financial readiness for the civilian world.

This 'Back2Civilian’ website enables American military servicemembers to confirm that they know the path and are walking the path to a sustainable healthy financial life after military service.

Tools and Resources strengthen the servicemembers’ capability to identify their financial responsibilities, obligations and goals that will impact them as they transition from the military to the civilian world.

‘Your Financial Life after Military Service’ website is also a great resource for Veterans. It serves as a compass to confirm that the Veteran has not strayed too far from the path of a household budget that sustains the financial goals and needs of their family.

We thank you for your service. We have served us…now let us serve you.

Guidance and Counseling Note:
Servicemembers and Veterans should be keenly aware that they are constant changes in benefit areas such as Health Care and Education. We are constantly updating to assure our guidance and counsel is fresh and as accurate as possible.

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