Servicemembers Must Meet Career Readiness Standard Before Departing Active Duty

Every service member must meet career readiness standard before they depart active duty.



  1. Prepare a sustainable household budget for military to civilian transition. This process includes financial and retirement planning. 

  2. Complete a viable Individual Transition Plan

  3. Registered on eBenefits

  4. Complete Continuum of Military Service Counseling (Active Component Only)

  5. Evaluate transferability of military skills to the civilian workforce. 

  6. Complete Military Occupational Code Crosswalks and DoD’s standardized gap analysis

  7. Document requirements and eligibility for licensure, certification and apprenticeship.

  8. Complete an assessment tool to identity personal interests regarding career selection.

  9. Provide a job application or better yet…an offer letter. 

  10. Receive a Department of Labor (DOL) Gold Card and demonstrate understanding of post -911 Veteran priority at DOL American Job Centers.


  • Complete pre-separation counseling

  • Attend the DOL Employment Workshop (Exempt by Job Offer Letter or Command Decision) 

  • Attend Veteran Administration I and II Briefings that connect to available resources to help the servicemember with Education and ‘Upskilling.’ Other issues addressed are resources for housing, home loans and estate planning. Brief II specifically connects with the VA Health Portal, eBenefits and VA Compensation.

CAPSTONE VERIFICATION PROCESS - Confirmation and Accountability 
Commanders (or their designee) will verify their service member’s achievement of the above Career Readiness Standards. Those service members not meeting these requirements, as well as those desiring follow-on assistance, will receive a ‘warm handover’ to the appropriate partner agency or local resource.